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«GRAND EXPRESS» is a private train with destinations Moscow – St. Petersburg - Moscow. The luxury train daily operating between two capitals goes beyond the traditional notions of railway transport. With ticket price not bigger than fare of a standard train, «GRAND EXPRESS» can be called as a hotel on the wheels for its modern technical equipment, high level of comfort and good service quality, and many services in it are free.

Those who hasn't ever travel by long distance train before, could ask a lot of questions connected with conveniences: «Can I take a shower during my trip?», «Has my coupe a private WC?», «How looks like my seat converted to berth?» and so on.

For those passengers who want to view the train inside in advance, «Grand Express» company decided to order a virtual tour of their train. With this useful interactive tool passengers can explore the interior and coupe equipment, to look into WC, the dining car, a bar before they book their ticket. Converting seat into berth, opening the cupboard or shelf in the virtual tour helps travelers to feel the difference between the various classes of accommodation.

Virtual tour features:

  • 13 Full HD panoramas (128 megapixels)
  • open / closed shooting mode
  • customized interface of the tour
  • embedded video clips

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