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Tver museum virtual tour

Tver regional art gallery is located in the Tver Imperial Palace and is one of the oldest museums in Russia. The beginning of the gallery's collections was laid in 1866. Now it is an art Museum of a wide profile. The art collection of the gallery includes about 32 thousand exhibits. It includes the collection old Russian art XIV β€” XX centuries., Russian painting, graphics ΠΈ sculptures XVIII β€” XX centuries., Western European art XV β€” XX centuries., decorative and applied arts & nbsp;Russia, Europe, East/

The virtual tour lets you explore about 50 exhibition halls of the museum as well as the Pallace territory.

Virtual tour features:

  • 78 Full HD Panoramas (128 megapixels)
  • over 230 pop-up windows with item's description and photo
  • customized interface of the tour
  • tour menu
  • interactive floor plan

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