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Since August 1, 2015 Flash format is no longer supported in my panoramas. All virtual tours are being produced in HTML5 now. The era of Flash panoramas has gone.

Flash had been the standard for virtual tours viewing for a long time, but sharply it began to give ground with the massive spread of mobile devices. Flash wasn't supported by almost of all mobile browsers, that made producers of virtual tours release 2 versions: the one in Flash and the other in HTML5, optimized for mobile devices. At the beginning of this process HTML5 tours had many bugs and were used only as a light mobile versions with incomplete functionality. On desktops such tours either didn't work at all or worked very slowly. But gradually desktop browsers «learned» to display HTML5 tours correctly; support for WebGL/CSS3 was introduced. And then producers of virtual tours began to use HTML5 as a main format, they had kept Flash as a fallback for the browsers-outsiders, that couldn't «read» HTML5/CSS3 code (IE, Opera).

Today all well-known browsers display HTML5 tours easily. And it is hoped, that finally we have a common format which closes the books on the evolution of interactive panoramas and virtual tours viewing. HTML5 panoramas should work on old hardware too, many browsers are compatible with the old operating systems either.

Recent Firefox statements about the possibility of Flash content blocking, probably, has become the last straw for consigning Flash to the dustbin of history. There it, maybe useless for anyone, «join» to the rest another links in a long chain of panorama viewers.

Goodbye flash!

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