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The Kuhflucht waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Germany with a height of 270 m. Although it should be noted that this number represents a total height of three waterfalls cascade at the head of the Kuhfluchtgraben mountain river. These waterfalls are the most beautiful in Bavaria. Plus, they are easy to reach – the walk from the nearest parking lot to the first waterfall takes less than half an hour. It was extremely important for me, as I had only three hours for the whole trip. Initially I planned to reach the spring of the Kuhflucht waterfall, which rises from the middle of a 200-metre high cliff and looks impressive. Instead of the spring, I went to a place called "Schöne Aussicht", which can be translated as "Beautiful observation point". It took me almost an hour and a lot of effort to overcome the height of 300 meters, but on the top I found myself rewarded with extremely beautiful view of the surrounding mountain landscape and the nearby village of Farchant .


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