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In most virtual tours, a high resolution of panoramic images does not play a key role. For "standard" tours the resolution of panoramas about 100 megapixels (~14000х7000 px) is quite enough. Often the size of panoramic images is even less. But there are situations when it is necessary to provide a detailed image of interiors, with possibility of deep zoom without degradation of the image clarity. For such tasks, ultra-high resolution panoramic images – gigapixel panoramic images - are used.

Gigapixel panoramic images can be extremely useful for displaying decoration of interiors, especially historical ones, when taking photos of exhibitions and museums, art objects, as well as in other areas.

deep zoom panorama

Gigapixel panoramic images presented on this page have the resolution of 1GP (1000 megapixels) that corresponds to the size of 45000х22500 pixels. To simplify, if we print such a panoramic image with the resolution of 250dpi (print quality of glossy magazine), the width of a print will be equal to 4.5 meters. You can visually compare panoramic images of different sizes here. Speaking of download speed of the image at display, gigapixel panoramas do not lose anything to panoramas of the standard size as it would be possible to think, considering a huge volume of data. The fact is that the initial image is cut on thousand fragments, and only fragments of a mosaic currently being within our field of view are loaded into the browser (multiresolution technology).

I make high-resolution panoramic images of interiors, outdoor panoramas (spherical or partial), as well as photos of flat objects.

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